Domenico Sartore

Founder & CEO

La mia famiglia ed io siamo sempre stati coinvolti in progetti di energia rinnovabile e sin da quando riesco a ricordare il sole e la natura sono state le nostre fonti di speranza e lavoro. 

L’industria fotovoltaica ha dato tanto a tutta la nostra comunità e ieri come oggi lavoriamo per innovare e migliorare gli strumenti che ci permettono di trarre quanto più possibile dalla luce del sole.

reiamo insieme soluzioni tecnologiche e innovative

La mia storia, brevemente.

1981 | 1983

Maintenance Manager at Cartiera Carmignano Spa, Italy

  • Maintenance manager and technical assistant in the paper mill. Develop a complete recycling system m for recycled paper, with pyrolysis system and recovering system for hot water and exhaust

1983 | 1986

Chief of Maintenance and R&D at Cartiere Cariolaro Spa, Italy

  • Chief of the maintenance group and leader of R&D team dedicated to the energy saving efficiency and recycling paper process and equipment.

1986 | 1993

Managing director at Helios Technology Spa

  • Leader of photovoltaics in Europe, working on the complete supply chain for PV with the production of silicon ingots, solar cells, solar panels and photovoltaic systems.

1994 | 2006

Founder and President at S.E. Project, Italy

  • Pioneer of the renewable energy sector and solar park construction. The company was dedicated to the production and installation of PV modules, systems and automations for the production of PV panels.


Industrial Partner at C-Power Srl, Italy

  • Industrial partner in a spin off with the University of Ferrara.
  • The company was dedicated to the research, development and production of CPV modules and involved in a European research program

2007 | 2010

President and CEO at Solon Spa, Italy

  • Company focused on the Polysilicon production in “Petrochemical of Ferrara, Italy”.
  • Responsible of the completely startup of company


Industrial partner at Voltaide Srl, Italy

  • Industrial partner in a spin-off with the University of Modena. Manufacturer of electric vehicle prototypes (electric bus) and engaged in the energy storage management, developing innovative products and patents.

1998 | 2017

Founder, CEO and Chairman at Ecoprogetti Srl, Italy

  • Founded the company in 1998 and CEO until 2017.
  • Ecoprogetti is the only European company to study, develop and deliver both electrically, mechanically and software wise, every machine of a complete production line for the production of PV panels. Ecoprogetti opened 4 offices worldwide and is a multiple award-winning company

2018 | 2019

Senior advisor at CNP, Iran

  • Start up new photovoltaic production in QUAZIN
  • Develop new solar park with PPA, pipeline 200 MW. Realize and connected 30 Mw.
  • Senior advisor for participation with international fund QUERCUS, for develop and realize 700 MW solar park
  • Built up the sales network.

2017 | 2019

CEO at Noor Solar Technology, Dubai

  • Noor is an innovative provider of complete photovoltaic systems. From state-of-the-art PV panels at factory-direct prices, to solar cells, generators, monitoring systems, battery storage and power inverters.
  • Start up the company organizations, with the integrations in a group with different productions: photovoltaic modules, central inverter for big installations, floating system, diesel generators (partner PERKINS), storage.
  • Acquisition of international company (LTI German inverter producer)
  • Develop new solar park with PPA, and supervision to the constructions.

2019 | 2020


  • Consultant to develop new product for photovoltaic applications company based in AUSTRIA.
  • Consultant to ECOPROGETTI to develop new equipment for new technology in PV.
  • Consultant with swiss company for BIPV applications.

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